Package Booking Enquiries

This form is for tentative booking enquiries – actual bookings will be confirmed in writing.


The services described on this website are supplied by Trail Transport (trading as Colls Sportsworld). They consist of arranging and co-ordinating travel, transport, bicycle hire and accommodation.

We undertake to perform these services with reasonable care and skill. We will not be liable for any loss or damage, or loss of enjoyment which result from the act, default or omission of any persons other than ourselves or employees, or any cause beyond our control. This includes (but is not limited to) loss, damage or loss of enjoyment which arises directly or indirectly from an Act of god or weather disruptions.

We are not able to exercise control over services we do not supply directly, therefore we will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from:

  • Any booking made directly with a service supplier by your travel agent or by yourself direct: or
  • Any services which are not provided by us and which are additional to those described on the Trail Transport website.

We will endeavour to provide the most suitable travel arrangements to mee the particular requirements you make known to us. However, travel is an individual experience, and your preferences and opinions may vary from our own. For this reason, we cannot take responsibility for your individual satisfaction, neither can we take responsibility for weather nor for compatibility of fellow guests or staff during the course of your travel.

All prices shown on this website are expressed in New Zealand dollars. All bookings are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed until you have received a written confirmation from us. Due to limited accommodation on some parts of the Wilderness Trail we recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment especially during peak season – January, February and March.

A deposit of $100 per person must be paid to us by either bank deposit or credit card (credit card surcharges will apply) within 48 hours or verbal or written confirmation of booking request. Certain suppliers may also require an additional booking fee or deposit to be paid.
A booking requested less than seven (7) days prior to departure may incur communication charges.

Final payment shall in all cases be made not less than 30 days prior to departure. In some instances, the terms of the tour or travel may require full payment at an earlier date. In this case you will be advised at the time your booking is processed.

If you wish, or circumstances require you to amend or cancel your booking for any reason, you should advise us in writing at the earliest possible time. Any amendments or changes to your booking after you have received written confirmation will incur a fee of $55.00 per booking.

Where you cancel any booking more than thirty (30) days prior to your departure you will lose your deposit of $100.00 per person. A cancellation fee of $200.00 per person will be imposed where cancellation is made within thirty (30) days prior to departure, plus any supplier’s charges as per information below.

The above cancellation fees are required to offset booking, communication and administration charges that will have already been incurred by us. In addition to our cancellation fee, you may also be required to pay cancellation fees imposed by our Suppliers (hotels, motels etc.) The amount of each Suppliers cancellation fee is beyond our control, and payment is solely your responsibility.

If, of your own choice you decide not to use part of parts of the arranged services or facilities, you will not be entitled to a refund from us (provided we have carried out our service with reasonable care and skill to your requirements) and you may not be entitled to a refund from any Supplier.

In the unlikely event that you should have a problem or you are dissatisfied with some aspect of the services or facilities during the course of your trip, our recommendation is that you take the matter up directly with the supplier of the service at the time, or as soon as practicable in the circumstances. This provides the opportunity to have the matter discussed and investigated on the sport and a remedy negotiated then and there to enable you to continue enjoying your holiday. If this does not work, we wish to be involved at the earliest possible moment and our commitment is that we will immediately work on resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

We strongly recommend that as a minimum you insure yourself fully against cancellation, disruption, loss of luggage and personal property, and medical expenses.

Please read our Terms & Conditions


I, The Hirer understand the bike hire will commence and end at the dates and times shown on this agreement.

I shall pay the sum specified for the hire prior to the commencement of the hire. I accept that the bike/s are hired at my own risk. I understand I am responsible for ALL repair or replacement costs relating to ANY damages or loss to the bicycles and accessories from and not limited to negligence, fire, theft or attempted theft. Full suspension bikes must be transported by a shuttle service, eg. Trail Transport. Credit Card will be debited in the event of the above cost.

I, The Hirer will not hold Coast Sports and Cycles (Trading as Colls Sportsworld), or any of their employees responsible or make any claim against them (including claim’s arising from negligence) or any direct or indirect injury or damage to the client or its property.

I, accept all responsibility and liability for ensuring mine and the other riders under this agreements safety and will abide the New Zealand laws including not cycling while under the influence of Alcohol and not using a mobile phone while cycling.

I understand that Coast Sports and Cycles (Trading as Colls Sportsworld) requires myself and members of my group to wear a helmet at all times while cycling and that the bicycles are provided without safety devises such as lights and so can only be ridden from sunrise to sunset.

This Hire agreement is governed in all respects by the Laws of New Zealand. Visitors to New Zealand must travel insurance due to limited ACC cover.


All bookings cancelled within 24 hours will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. We recommend travel insurance to protect you against cancellation in the event that you are unable to proceed with your booking.

Security Deposit/Client Responsibility: 

A valid credit card imprint is required as security in case of theft and/or damage for each hire bike prior to the commencement of the rental period. In case of theft an amount of $900 New Zealand Dollars will be charged to the credit card, which is the replacement value of the bike. Any damage will be quoted on for repair/replacement by Coast Sports and Cycles (Trading as Colls Sportsworld), and this amount will then be charged to your credit card.

Please read our equipment hire Terms & Conditions